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Getting Started

At Waterdoctor, we understand the importance of access to clean, healthy drinking water for growth and overall well-being. That's why we've designed our customer journey to be simple and convenient from start to finish.

choose a product and plan

Browse our selection of water filtration solutions for your home or business, from under-the-sink systems to standing bottleless dispensers.

Choose the one that meets your needs and select the plan that works best for you. Signing up is easy, just provide your name, number, email, and zipcode.

site assessment

After you've selected your product and plan, one of our water specialists will reach out to you to conduct a site assessment.

This can be done remotely or by visiting your property, if necessary. During this process, we'll determine the best way to install your filtration unit and make sure it meets your needs.

If the chosen product requires any special installation, such as a hole to be drilled in your countertop or cabinet for the water line to pass through, our water specialist will walk you through this process and check if you have the necessary permissions from your landlord.


Once the site assessment is complete and all the details have been confirmed, we'll schedule a day and time for installation. During this process, we'll collect your address and payment information.

The billing process will start once your installation is complete, and you'll be able to start enjoying clean, healthy water right away.

maintenance and support

With Waterdoctor, you never have to worry about maintenance or upkeep. We'll take care of that for you.

Depending on your water quality, we'll conduct filter changes and sanitation every 4-6 months, and we'll replace any defective parts or units free of charge.

We believe in giving our customers the freedom to make the best choice for their needs, which is why we don't lock our customers into any long-term contracts. You're free to cancel at any time.

We want our customers to feel confident in their decision to choose Waterdoctor and that's why we offer a flexible cancellation policy. Click here to learn more about our cancellation policy.

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Cancellation Policy

At Waterdoctor, we understand that life can be unpredictable and that our customers may need to cancel their subscription at any time. We want our customers to feel confident in their decision to choose Waterdoctor, which is why we offer a flexible cancellation policy.

To cancel your subscription plan, give us a call or email and we’ll schedule a day and time for uninstallation. Your service will end at the end of the current monthly billing cycle.

monthly plan

Customers enrolled in a monthly subscription plan can cancel at any time, with no penalty or additional fees.

1-year and 3-year plan

Customers enrolled in a yearly or 3-year subscription plan can also cancel at any time.

But if the cancellation occurs before the end of the committed term, the customer will be charged for the remaining balance of their plan as if they had been enrolled in a monthly plan at the full rate.

Example Scenario
If a customer has been enrolled in a 3-year plan for 12 months and has a discounted monthly rate of $30, they would have paid a total of $360.
If they decide to cancel, they will be charged the remaining balance as if they had been enrolled in a monthly plan at the full rate of $50 per month.
This means they would owe an additional $240, for a total of $600.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download my payment receipt or invoice?

You can do so by signing in to your customer portal. Under “Invoice History” click on any invoice to see the details.

There, you will see a button to “Download Invoice” and “Download receipt”.

Where can I edit my account details and billing information?

You can do so by signing in to your customer portal. Under “Billing and Shipping Information” you can update your information.

How do I update my payment information/method on my account?

You can do so by signing in to your customer portal. Under “Payment Method” you can add or edit your payment info.

How do I pay my bill?

All customers are opted into auto payment. In the case where your payment didn’t go through, Stripe, our partnered billing provider, will re-attempt the payment or request you a different payment method through email.

We also have alternative payment methods such as ACH Debit, where we withdraw funds directly from your Checking account.

Can I opt out of auto payment?

Unfortunately, no. By default, all our customers are opted into auto payment.

However, sometimes our customers may be in circumstances where the only form of payment is limited to paper checks and cash. In those rare cases, we'll try our best to accommodate.

You can always reach out to us at or 201-945-4550.

How do I sign in to my customer portal?

You can sign in by clicking here or find the link "Sign In" located at the footer under the Support header.

You’ll be redirected to a page where you'll be asked to provide the email address that you used to register for an account with Waterdoctor.

We’ll send you a one-time passcode to your email to which you can use to verify and access your portal.

I'm moving. Is it possible to transfer my service to my new place?

Sure you can! As long as you move within our serviceable area, we'll move your filtration unit to your new home or workplace at your requested date.

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