Curious about what's inside your water? • Get the most up-to-date information on your home's tap water!
Curious about what's inside your tap water?

A smarter way to hydrate.

A water bottle alternative that is cleaner and greener, at a fraction of the cost.

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Innovative features,
modern design

Unlimited hot and cold filtered water with a wave of a hand.


Cold water for a refreshing drink and hot water for brewing coffee and teas.


Filter change, maintenance, and replacements included in our hassle-free service.


Completely eliminate plastic water bottle waste at your home.


Don't take our word for it

“As a physician, I am aware of the potential harms of bottled water so I was glad when our friend Susan recommended Water Doctor.”

We had been using them for many years and NEVER had any more floods, leaks or mineral buildup. I would give them 10 stars if I could!

Ron Primas

“Much more efficient than refilling 5g Poland Spring bottles every 2 weeks.”

Those who experience water quality issues (Ridgewood Water) should prioritize this RO system for their family. Use a TDS meter to check the water quality yourself.


“If I could recommend 11/10, I would for this water!”

Have you ever tried water which you know from the first drink, "Wow this water is very good!" You have found the cleanest purest water. If I could recommend 11/10 I would for this water!


“Water Doctor service is amazing!”

Not only do I love the quality of the water filters but everyone is so kind. The prices are also very reasonable. I highly recommend trying them out if you haven’t already!

Perla Grana

“If you live in NJ area, I recommend WaterDoctor!!”

I've been using the WaterDoctor for almost 15 years, and I'm always happy with the quality of the water and their service. If you live in NJ area, furthermore, I recommend a WaterDoctor!!

Michelle K.

“I have been a satisfied customer and now I trust them even more with my drinking water.”

When the E.coli bacteria was found in my city water recently, Water Doctor assured me their water filtration system gets rid of the bacteria 100%!!! I have been a satisfied customer and now I trust them even more with my drinking water.


“Good customer service and friendly service, I highly recommend it!”

I am drinking very clean and refreshing water while using Water Doctor.  When my babies were young, I used water from Water Doctor and fed them right away.  Good customer service and friendly service, I highly recommend it!

Seran P

“The taste is so pure and clean.”

The thing that stands out the most about WaterDoctor water is its great taste! The taste is so pure and clean. Also, when I use it to fill up the humidifier there is no residue or water marks, so it doesn’t need cleaning as often. I love it!!

Jin K.

Beauty, meet industrial strength.

A standing hot & cold water dispenser.

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Purified water, unlimited.

Under-the-sink 5-stage reverse osmosis filtration.

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Hassle-free service.

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Simple plans,
zero tricks

No predatory, binding contracts that penalize you for early cancellation. If we're doing our jobs correctly, we don't need contracts for you to stay with us.

Only the
purest water

We customize your filters based on water data that we collect about your home and municipality to ensure you're protected from contaminants!

Reduce plastic

Save money and the world! With our solution, you'll save more than $1,000 a year on bottled water and contribute to the fight against plastic waste.

How does our water subscription work?

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Pick any from our water solutions

We work with families, restaurants & cafes, small to large offices, warehouses, and many more! Whether you're buying for a home or a business, browse through our products and choose one that meets your water needs.

When you find a product that you’re interested in, simply choose the plan that works best for you. Your address and payment information are not collected during the sign up process. We only need your zipcode, name, and email.

If you need a water solution that's unique to your situation, reach out to us directly. We may be able to help! We love a new challenge.

Site inspection & installation

After you sign up, one of our water specialists will reach out to you to conduct a site assessment of your property remotely, or by visit if necessary. During this process, we're trying to figure out how we're going to install your filtration unit.

After the site assessment and confirming all the details, we'll schedule a day and time for installation. This is when we collect your address and payment info. We never save your payment info,  you are secured through Stripe. Billing starts the day after the installation.

A worry free subscription service

When you subscribe to Waterdoctor, you never have to worry about installation, changing your filters, trying to keep up with maintenance, or questioning yourself whether you're doing this water filter thing correctly. We'll take care of that!

Depending on your water, we conduct filter change and inspection every 4-6 months.

If there is any issue with your filtration unit, we’ll swiftly replace any defective part or unit so that your service is uninterrupted.

No commitments. period.

You're free to cancel anytime!

At Waterdoctor, we believe having a lock-up period is a sin. Unfair to customers and unnecessary if we're doing our jobs correctly. We made it easy for anyone to get water filtration in their homes and offices without worrying about upkeep and maintenance.